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Once you reach your 60’s, foot care becomes even more essential. You can suffer from poor circulation, skin becomes thinner, nails become thicker, joints stiffen up and the muscles in your feet become weaker meaning the bones can move and cause new pressure points on toes and the soles of your feet.


It is physically more challenging to reach your feet and as your eyesight deteriorates it becomes even harder to carry out simple tasks like trimming your own toenails.


I recommend that you see a foot health professional for a full foot check-up and nail trim every 6-8 weeks or as required.


Are you over 60?

The average person will walk approximately 110,000 miles in their lifetime; the average car tyre is replaced at 40,000 miles - we really do push our feet to the limits!


Our feet take the weight of our whole body, so foot problems can quickly lead to discomfort and have an effect on the way we walk, causing heel, knee, hip and back pain. Checking your feet regularly and having a foot care routine can prevent most of these problems – So what are you waiting for? Book your foot health check-up.

“You should never put up with foot pain - Your feet shouldn’t hurt!”


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